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Advanced Analytics

Smart digital strategies that build businesses are driven by skillfully analyzed data

Decisions Based on Analysis

Understanding the behavior of your customers through data analysis enables you to make better business decisions, to plan more effective digital marketing strategies, and to develop lasting customer relationships.

Without interpretation and understanding, data is just data. But with analysis, data is fuel that drives thoughtful and strategic business decision-making processes. To gain a maximum ROI, it is essential to know how your digital marketing campaigns are performing. Celerify can provide you with that knowledge and help you take the next steps to refine what's not working and build on current successes.



Intelligent Business

Celerify uses business intelligence tools like Google Analytics to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and to make the best use of your marketing budget.

Results-Driven Stratgey

While the art of marketing focuses on creative content, the equally important science side measures and analyzes data and uses these results to make improvements.

Effective Web Development Solutions

Celerify's advanced analytics services include:

  • Real time and in-page analytics
  • Market analysis
  • Content and customer auditing
  • A/B and multivariate testing and analysis
  • Attribution
  • Website and campaign optimization

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